Sorry it has taken me days to get up the guts to post this and i wanted to make sure i was not totally emotional and clear because i respect that people out there hold some of their beliefs to a very strong standard.   Last night i was not a happy camper watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. First up was the story of the polygamy case in Texas. Hundreds of kids were taken from their homes because of child abuse. First it was thought to be only sexual abuse but now they are finding out that it was physical as well. Of course there is abuse going on,  it is a cult and a cult is a breeding ground for abuse.  In  cult  you are not allowed to question the ideology of the leader and if you do, all the others will oppress you.  And then came  the story of the Pope visiting the  people who had been sexually abused in Boston to apologize. The three people that were on CNN seemed to me to be taken by the fact that the Pope  (his holiness) visiting them and  that apologizing was unprecedented. UMMMM priests sexually abusing kids was unprecedented.  They seemed to feel like this somehow made them special. I'm sure that's what the women of the poligamist men feel as well.   When you are abused your self esteem is totally diminished you don't even know how to stick up for yourself and you have a twisted relationship with those who have abused you.  Abusers are the most manipulative creatures on Earth. They get you to feel bad for them and there is an unspoken law that they can abuse you and you cant' tell anyone. and when it comes to sex abuse they make you feel special.   The Pope was at the UN today talking about human rights. It is a basic human right to feel safe.   He said the the global community has to step in and stop the abuse of human rights Th Pope said at the UN that tolerance means engaging human differences.  Ok, then why can't the suvivors reapectfully be mad? Why can't they respectfully demand that the Pope take out every single last offender that still has anything to do with he catholic Church You want me to believe you? he needs to come over to Boston and meet with those survivors without all the pomp and circumstance.He arrived at the UN and walked a red carpet like a celebity, Its the age old "shiny object make them look over here so they won't see over here." He's a human being just like all of us.  He only went up to Boston because the survivors are making such a big stink everywhere he had to do something.  He is not addressing it, he's just admitting that it happened because he had to. I believe that he thinks he's doing the right thing because that is the history of abuse an oppression?   Until someone apologizes with and action, a re occuring action, nothing will change. Even if he had nothing to so with it he is Pope. He has the power to really change things. And yes I expect that of him. I expect him to put himself out there and face controversy that is where the healing will really begin.   I respectfully have to say that i do not buy the fact that the Pope's apology is going to do anything. Nor do I believe that going into the polygamy compound and taking all the kids is going to do anything to stop the abuse. Its going to actually cause more problems because those kids are not going to get the care they need because of the abusive foster care system. So that will leave us with more crime and unhappiness in the world.  The abused becomes the abuser and so on so on. real change when people stop acitng all powerful and start seeing people as human. ANd for God's sake jsut let the preists have sex.