Please please go and see Baby Mama!!!! It is hilarious. Tina fey is the Billy Jean King of comedy. I love her. I bow in gratitude. I sat in a theatre in NYC on sat night and was breathless as I looked at the packed house. People were fighting to find seats. How many movie execs are eating their words this Monday morning? I thought how many of them must have said "two funny women can't sell out a theatre." The ticket is, Tina's writing. I have heard so many women over the years talk about how there were no good roles for women and  thought that was feeding into the victimization, why doesn't someone write something for themselves? Tina has done it.  You cannot deny Tina because she has product.  i remember right after my sitcom got canceled )which i co created) i went to a women in comedy seminar and they were dancing around the sexism issue. My show was the first time i had ever really experienced sexism.  Mind you, i was the only woman in the room who had their own sitcom so you think they might want to hear what i had to say. I stood up and and said we need to admit there is a problem, and then we can figure out how to deal with it. I really was taken by the men and their aggression towardsmy success.  I said i think woman are socialized to retreat when they are yelled and guys are taught to fight back. How can we figure out a way to fight back without letting the industry turn us into men.  And the three woman running the seminar screamed bloody murder at me and what did I do? I retreated. But not now, now i am inspired, Tina showed me that it's possible, to be pretty funny and smart and remain a woman. You know how you do it? You write and you put it out there, that's how you stand up to it, with success. You don't let the dark pull you down one review said "its no Knocked up" a movie that its lead said was sexist. Whatevs we do what we want you can't argue with success.  So,  I am putting on my apple bottom jeans and my boots with the fur, writing myself some shizzle and going  to live out loud.