Ah ha, I'm in LA and I've been having a grand old time freshening up my driving skills. I will tell you one thing GAWD do I LOVE to LAUGH. Even if it's at my own expense. Actually let me re phrase that especially if it's at my own expense. I was out with Martin Snow the other night, he's the guy who taught me how to box in NYC. He opened a Trinity here in west Hollywood, so I went to work out then we went out to eat.

When I walked into the gym he started yelling "the mighty Sue Costello is here!" and then immediately started teasing me." Namaste sue, " making fun of the fact that I have practicing yoga instead of boxing for the past couple of years.

When we were done, he asked me to drive, now Martin is like 6"7 200 plus pounds and I'm a shrimpy. We get into the car and I tell him that he is a brave one, because I'm not a great driver. He says, "stop how bad can you be? we are only going up the street."

AHAHHAHAHAHA well didn't he find out. We went to eat and I had a hard time parking, and then while we were eating i got nervous that I left the lights on so I got up and ran. The back lights were not on so I asked him if that meant they were off. He said "yes." Well, when we finished, we walked to the car and the inside light was on, I got nervous and asked him, "is the battery dead?" and he was like "Sue the light wouldn't be on." LOLOLOL

Then he wanted to get frozen yogurt so off we went, I got us lost and turned to late then we had to go around like Chevy chase in vacation. "look kids big ben," Then after the frozen yogurt, I couldn't get the car to start. He checked it for me and said it was fine, then i couldn't get it again lol Finally, I figured it out, I wasn't pushing the brake down far enough.

More on this tomorrow...