okay it's Tues and i promisedm but I've been writing the end of minus 32 million words all day so i only got a minute.I was so lonely last night. Whew it was the end of the summer and i felt it. This summer I had a great time. I worked hard and played hard. So last night I let myself just feel it. I took care of myself by going to yoga but i really just let the feeling wash over me. As i was doing that, I was thinking that probably everybody across the country was prob feeling the same way. Energy is a really powerful thing and it was in the air last night. So cool that i can just sit in it because guess what? it passed. today I woke up and had so much energy and the writing just started to pour out of me. So I guess the moral of the story is .. the darker the dark the lighter the light... all you have to do is sit still and feel it!!!