Have you ever been around a cheap person? If you have, then you know that it does not feel good.  The level to which you really feel it, depends on how much you are in your body. And of course, how much $ runs your own life. If you are full of fear, then you might hoard your money, if you are insecure and want people to like you, you might spend to much. If you are scared, you might  pay people off so you don't have to set boundaries, by using your words which is how I have operated in the past. I guess its all a lack of boundaries giving too much and withholding. I had a friend who once told me that whenever I'm confused to follow the money.

I bet if everyone really looked at their money habits they would directly correlate with their personal relationships.

I think money needs to be respected, but the only way to have respect for money, is if you have respect for yourself.

Hmmm sounds heavy right. I know. I mean we need money to survive, but where are not supposed to base out survival on it.

Great ,now how do we do that? I'm not professing to be a money expert, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that for me, the closer I get to my authentic self the less the money seems to be an issue.

I am starting to realize my own value and that is manifesting it monetarily And because i know my likes and dilikes I'm not as swayed by keeping up with the jones'. That was all fear based. when i was a kid I wanted one nice thing for Christmas and my mother would buy me 10 shitty things. Now i buy myself one nice thing. The thought that i used to shop every day slays me. I hate shopping now!!! So it' pretty obvious that that wasn't who i was at my core (nature), it was something that I adapted from my nurture.

My whole life I have been terrified of money, so much that i used to pay a business manager 5% of my income just to pay my bills. And even then I banked in Florida while living in nyc!

Talk about neurotic...... the road less traveled says that often times the neurosis we create to avoid pain is often 10 times greater than the pain we would have felt if we just faced our fears.

More on this tomorrow... in the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts about your fear surrounding money....