I do not believe in the death penalty never ever ever. If anyone watched 60 minutes on Sun night they saw a bunch of guys who had spent half their lives in prison for crimes they never committed.  Which means there were a few innocents killed as well. One of the guys was in jail for 27 years. Every time he came up for parole they said if he would just admit that he did it, he would get out, because by admitting his guilt it would show that he was willing to change. A few months ago they swabbed the inside of his mouth and the next week he was free. But what is freedom when you have lost your life? When asked why he never admitted to it just to get out he said that "sometimes your word is all you have." I just wonder why he didn't use his words beforehand?  Its as if he helped the system bury him alive. I would like to think that if something like  this happened to me i would fight harder to be heard. But, i am a woman who was lucky enough to break out of the shame that was passed on to me. So, I question that by not admitting to it and wasting his life in jail, is that not a twisted viture which is actually  just a veil for shame?