I just got the nicest message on facebook. I know lots of people are afraid of it, but I've re connected with so many people. It's proven to be the opposite for me. I have had made so many connections with people from the past. Most of them have helped me realize that even though I felt so bad inside growing up, it wasn't necessarily how people experienced me. I always thought I never meant anything to anyone and I'm finding out that it's the complete opposite. Even old boyfriends I would have told you that they all left me and could car less but I'm finding out that the opposite is true with them as well. And you know what? I'm able to feel it now. I am worth it people should miss me cause I put myself out there and I really, really do care and I have a tremendous capacity for forgiveness. I have decided that experience is the meaning of life. Sharing authentic moments with people is the most rewarding thing I can do. And also it's great for my self esteem because it helps me realize that what's in my head isn't always what's real but the only way I can find that out is if I put myself out there.