It has taken me forever to learn that but I'm getting it and loving it all at the same time. Actually I think slowly=pleasure in all aspects of my life. When I go fast with anything I'm not respecting my own humanity and when I don't respect my own I don't respect others.

To plow (, excuse the pun) through anything can pretty much guarantee that it will end badly.

The tortoise won the race yet it's hard to live it.

Going fast seems a way to avoid feelings but in actuality it makes me have many more and ussually they are way worse.

Which brings me to a line from the book The Road Less Traveled that changed my life. It says that often time the neurosis we create to avoid pain is often 10 times greater than the pain we would have to feel if we just went through it.

I know I've written about this before but , the more I live the more I see how important that line is.

To care that much about myself to go slow and let my feelings come up and go so that I can act in reality is about the most amazing thing ever.

There is no money in the world that could make me feel the way i feel when I handle my self with dingity and respect. Which in turn makes me treat others the same.

It comes full circle.

Road Less Traveled... 15.95

Therapy............. a bunch of money.

Me, who was socialized through abuse, having the ability to give and receive love...PRICELESS

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