I have been out of a research mission. I am absolutely fascinated with what's happening to our world and the English language. And by that, I don't just mean the words themselves, but the lack of connection that comes with a text response like "k" or an email that's only half read.

I read a study recently that this scientist did on kids brains and it said that kids now a days, are not developing empathy.

WHAT?? Like the world isn't on bad enough shape. The study found that because of cell phones, computers and text messaging, the brain is not forming the pause that it takes to care about another human being.

Where in the past, two kids would be playing and when an uncomfortable moment arose, one of them would reach in and pull out some sort of compassion for the situation and come up with something meaningful to say to fill the space. Now they just rely on the phone or the computer.

The computer was supposed to bridge the gap not widen it.

Take a minute today to notice how many personal conversations you have. Also, notice how many texts and emails you write and how many words you shorten.

Think about what  how many feelings you would have to have if you actually spoke to these people.

More onthis tomorrow.