Only have a minute, on account of I got a show tonight. But, I just wanted to write a few words about my shitty weekend.I got treated like shit and I was really mad on Sat. I was so mad I thought I was going to freak out. But I didn't and I didn't deny it either. I felt it I kept it inside and talked about it appropriately and By Sunday I felt a little better. And by keeping it inside I don' t mean that I turned it on myself I mean I didn't act out and take myself and everyone around out with it. I channeled it hopefully will use it to propel myself forward. I will tell you that i noticed this little thing that i do that I don't find attractive at all. When I am that mad I get weepy and I caught myself Saturday night when I talking to a few friends. I caught myself and was actually able to articulate it. I said i'm pretending to be weepy because it's more socially acceptable. Girls aren't supposed to get mad. The I growled really loudly, and they all laughed. Dunno about you but I find a chick handling her anger in a healthy way, way more sexy then some weepy shiwshy one trying to pretend that she's not angry. Just sayin:)