Words used to bother me SO much, so much so, that I shut myself down out of fear.  Lately I've been realizing that people are capable of saying some nasty things, but what does that mean really? NOTHING, absolutely nothing, it's just chatter, just noise, that if you let it, will get in the way of your primary purpose.

Which is to move a head and do something that means something.

I don't mean don't pay attention to people and their feelings.

I have found that if people express real heartfelt honest emotions it's easy to hear but if they are just blabbing hatred because they have nothing better to do with their lives  it's hard to respond to. There is an automatic gut reaction to reject it. Unless you listen to it, then you become just like them.

Who cares really, I mean it's nice when people say that they appreciate my work, but really if I built my life on that it would be built on something that others have power over.

Imagine if someone told you you were aweeome 374 days a year? What would you do on day 365? when they forgot, or were having a bad day or didn't think you were so great that day.

I think the humanity of knowing that you're not the best, or the prettiest or the smartest is where the freedom comes in.

What a relief, now I can get down to the business of getting something done.

Who cares if people don't like you either. That's a price you pay for living in the world. It's  sign that you exist. And obviously are doing something to affect them because otherwise, they wouldn't even bother.

I'm not a baby anymore, as much as I sometimes still wish that the world would adjust so that they would see things the way I see them, the freedom comes when it doesn't matter if the rest of the world sees it.

What matters is that I see it.

If they love you or hate you it doesn't matter because you still have to do the work. You still have to get up everyday and make it happen.

And, it will happen much quicker if you look in instead of out for gratification.

So,, let em talk, let em hate let em love, it's all part of life, just keep your eyes on the prize and don't give into any of it.

Don't let the love take you too high and don't let the hate take you too low.

Be aware protect yourself, and b protecting yourself, i mean let it all roll off your back, don't respond.

Let everyone have their own feeling and you have yours. That is when the true reality is manifested.

Manifest what is inside you, if it's hate it will show and the same goes for love.