OMG OMG OMG OMG I never knew it ! I was pulled to the dark for sooooooooooo long. I thought i was shit so i went with the shit and I manifested shit!!I let people talk to me however they wanted, I let their needs come before mine, and usually it was shady people trying to get me to conform to their ideas of life. Trying to make me come into the darkness to make them feel better about themselves. I have always been honest, always it's just what's inside of me, I have had friends and boyfriends say to me "we're not all like you Sue" which would cause me to hide in sham e. To push myself down. I would be miserable. I was to scared to stand up for myself and I felt like weirdo, like there was something wrong with me. I just wanted to fit in So i would make myself ugly to fit into the ugly. Well no more !!!! There is a new sheriff in town. You want to hang with me you got to connect on the up and up cause that's the only place I'll be hanging from now on:)

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