Now I'm no dating specialist, but when you want to go out with someone, complaining and then insulting them is not the best move. Some guy wanted to go out with me, and after an attempt to meet me  at a premiere that he missed because he was stuck in Chicago,being the kind person that I am i gave him another shot, but my gut told me he could be a little flighty so I chose to speak to him on the phonebefore meeting him. So, Fri he called, the first thing he did was complain about the price of apartments in NYC and how he can't be the only white guy in his neighborhood. Then he proceeded to tell me that he has a job in show business that he hates but it pays the bills. Then, then , he says "sorry i didn't know who you are but i googled you and you are very opinionated, but i want to see (and I quote) "it" live.  I pleasantly said good bye and formed the very strong opinion that he will never ever see any of "it" live.