Good mornin y’all! K so I have so much to do today to start getting ready to bring Minus 32 Million Words to Boston, then figure out where to do it here in NYC beforehand to get it warmed up, but who's complaining?

I am so happy to be working and pulling all this off my own self.

I am really finding this whole world of doing business fascinating.

I loved it when I had my sitcom, i just didn't trust myself enough so it was painful instead of pleasurable.

Because of where I come from and the fact that they told me I was retarded, I thought anyone in a suit knew more than me.

I would see things so quickly, point them out and then have to fight with dummies for days until they saw my point.

Now I just do it myself and if they want to catch up they can.

I remember being on a conference call pitching a TV show to two guys in LA and one of the guys said, "Sue, slow down, and (to the other guy) I told you how smart she was.”

That was one of the first times I realized it. The other time was when I met with an agent and he said, "So let me get this straight: you want to be respected for the way you think not the way you look?"

I was like, Is this guy f'in kidding me?

So rather than try to take care of these nincompoops so that they can take care of me, I have cut out the middle man, put my big girl pants on and am trusting my gut.

No one is coming to save me. It was a very sad thing to realize but once I did what freedom I felt.

Talk about a rebirth!!!!!