Whew what a busy week!!  I went to fire island with the girls to relive some stress before my show and we had such a great time. I don't think i've ever laughed so hard. And the water was beautiful!!  You coudn't even feel the salt on your body or in your hair when you dried off.  Anyway, coming home on Fri the train was delayed because someone got hit. When we got on the train the passangers we quite disgruntled it was 7:30pm and they had been on the train since 2pm. Yes it was crowded and an inconvienent but someone could be dead, i'm sure his plans were much more affected.  Ok, so we finally make it to Penn Station and everyone is pushing and as i'm trying to get up the stairs these two huge women push through for no appaorent reason and knock me over. My toenail breaks and ruins my perfect pedicure. But in a second i am alright because i am grateful that my whole toenail doesnt come off. Then, as we are walking down the street a guy has a full on seizure right beside me, he made a buzzing sound before he fell to the ground. I felt soooo bad. He got up and I asked him if he was ok and if he needed me to call an ambulance. He looked so vulnerable, and said yes i had a seizure. It seemed to me that this was not his first and i wanted to give him a hug. I thought it must be so scary to walk around your whole life not knowing when you're going to be zapped and flung to the ground. And then i thought what am i talking about like I'm a immune? Or anybody i mean a guy just got zapped by the train and the those ladies zapped me in the station. I would have liked a hug when those ladies pushed me. But right as i was about to hug him this guy walks up and starts bossing him around telling him he is a medical "person" and that he should call and ambulance. Ha!! This guy thinks if he acts like a big shot than maybe he can pretend that he's not gonna get zapped himself.  It's so lonely walking around pretending that we aren't susceptible to the zap. It can come at anytime and it's how you handle it that makes for a softer easier way. As I'm writing this i remember walking to yoga last week and this woman punched me in that arm in union square for no reason. At first she scaared the daylights out of me and the woman beside me got scared too because i think she thought i was going to fight her. As soon as she got past me i realized the insanity of it all and laughed so hard and that in turn made the lady beside me laugh. So i guess my point is next time you see somone get zapped, before you laugh, give them a hug!

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