I have heard for years that only love is real and i thought i believed it but I'm starting to realize that believing is jsut the beginning. It's when that belief becomes an action that your thoughts manifest it in your life. I believe it works the other way too. I mean if we are all connected on a negative level why aren't we connected on a positive level as well. This is a simple story, but I think that love is simple. Sunday, I went to a brand new yoga place. The class was at 9:45am, I got there about 9:42 and the gate was down. There was one lone girl sitting on the bench with her yoga mat. I sat beside her and she said " I don't think anyone is coming and my friend is meeting me here, do you know o any other yoga places?" Then her friend showed up with such a look of discouragement on her face. She said, "on no I really wanted to start my day with yoga."  I responded "sit, lets wait, I think the teacher is jsut late." Then I preceded to distracted them with a little small talk and low and behold the teacher showed up! We had a great class and as we were leaving the girl said to me "Sue thank you for being so positive, we wouldn't be here if you weren't." I responded "thank you for being open to it, or I would be here by myself."