Good monring all, as I was washing my face this morning I was looking at all the little lines on my face thinking, that one was from when I had my heart broken, and those are the ones I got from laughing so hard, and the ones on my cheeks are the ones I got from making funny faces. The other night I was sitting beside this woman and she has no wrinkles, none not around her eyes or mouth or nuthin and I sat there thinking where is her life? Her life had literally been removed from her face. I started thinking about how when I was 13 I scratched my face up with a rusty point of an old compass because I hated myself so much I wanted to erase who I was.  I thought, that is what plastic surgery is. It's a more acceptable form of cutting. And why do we do it?  For other women. I started to think about how when I did the movie Southie and an actress that I worked with told me that my wrinkles give me character and that she could never do stand up because a guy would never laugh at a girl he wanted to f**K. And then I started thinking about my old boyfriends niece, we used to have quiet time in her room, she was three at the time. We were on her bed and she looked at me and said "Sue you have wrinkles." And I got so insecure, I said "I know but you can see them now because the sun is shining on them so much." and she responded "No, I see them all the time." Who taught her about wrinkles? And then there was my friends daughter who was four when I did Last Comic standing, she called me Costello. When they asked her on camera if she thought that Costello was funny she simply said "no."  Everybody laughed and moved on, except her. And hour later she was still crying and when she finally stopped her Mom asked her what was wrong and she said, "I said that Costello isn't funny because I wanted to say that she is pretty and I didn't think you could be both."