So yesterday, I go to try and see this show. I thought it started at 6 so my friend and I show up and there is a guy sitting on the steps. I ask him why he's there and had the show not started yet. He said, "No, not till 7."

So we start talking and he's keeps asking me what my profession is. Finally he asks, "Are you Hollywood? Cause you look Hollywood." He keeps talking and as he's telling me all about his life I'm thinking, Man, this guy is so interesting. Look at his face — you can see his whole life in the wrinkles and his eyes have so much pain in them. I felt like he just wanted someone to listen so I did.

My friend wasn't as interested I was and I could feel her shifting as he kept talking. After a little while I felt like something was weird. I asked, “Wouldn't someone be here to set up by now?"

He said, "Oh yeah" as my friend noticed people walking in another door.

He said, "Thanks for listening to me. You're very calm and I don't get that a lot."

As we walked towards the other door, my friend and I realized that the show had been going on and he had tricked us.

He came walking in behind me and I asked, "Did you trick me?"

He said, “No no but thank you for listening to me — you made my whole day."

We laughed and I knew he had just worked me. But you know what? I didn't care. I said to my friend, "No one ever listens to that guy, otherwise why would he have to lie and manipulate?” I said, “Call me crazy, but that's who I am. I'd rather lend an ear to that guy and give him some comfort even if he is trying to work me."

I win in the end anyway.