…but we are terrified of it. Last night, I was talking to this tough guy from the boogie down Bronx. He was talking about how he wanted to find love, but couldn't, so I shared with him how I've been humbled by my life and how that humility lets the shine comes out so that people are attracted to us. And how through accepting my own humanity I was able to see myself and in turn see others. He said, “I want to skip over all the hard parts and just have it.” And I told him that it was the hard parts that made me soft and going too fast will ensure failure because it's a form of self hatred. I told him that I never made it happen — it happened to me. I had no control over it. The only thing I did have control over was that I never quit and instead of all these things breaking my heart, I let them break my heart open. Now I love how soft I am and in turn it allows others to soften so everybody wins. His face lit up. He said, "Sue, if what you are saying is true then I can do it. You gave me hope and I’m proud to know you." All I did was share my own humanity with him and he chose in that moment to let it happen to him and he softened, lit up and let the love in. And then he made me feel like a million bucks by telling me that he was proud to know me — such a simple thing, yet it made me feel so good. Only love is real, fear is an illusion that we create to deflect the perfection that is our fallible humanity. It is up to us to do the growing. No one can do it for us, but it's not until we put it into action and share it with others that we see ourselves reflected back.

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