It has taken me 40 years to finally trust what has always been inside of me. I pushed it down because others didn't want me to see it and I pushed it down because I didn't want to see it. If I saw it, then that meant that I could no longer live in a fantasy world. I had to not only see the truth, but now it was up to me to protect myself and keep myself safe. All I'm really talking about is the maturation process — it seems so simple, but so hard to do. To finally realize that no one is coming to save me, that no one — no matter how much they bring into my life — can be the  source of my happiness or survival. And now the drama of immaturity, the drama that I once used to pretend that I had a life, the drama that I used to make me feel alive is gone. It's just me and the Big Guy and that's OK with me. We've done a pretty good job so far. I’m excited to see what else is in store for me.