I was thinking about how much I sometimes avoid writing on this blog. My new discipline is to write first thing, before I do anything else. I was thinking about how much it's a metaphor for life.  Communication is the biggest problem in all relationships. People don't say enough, or say to much. People hear things through the eardrum of their past experience.  Facebook has taught me a lot about this. I can post something and people will comment and not even read what I write. They're impulse is to re act. I realize that that is why most people don't like to put  themselves out there. It's a scary prospect. Imagine being vulnerable and having someones crazy attack you? It's the same in intimate relationships.  Someone once taught me that people need to hear things 3 times, because their past clouds their present. I have come to realize this to be true. Most of the time if I don't re act and say what I'm trying to say, in a calm voice, 3 times, people eventually hear me. The courage that it takes to trust that I deserve to be heard is like no other.  But, the benefits are astounding.

I always thought why bother? Why bother trying to talk if no one will listen. I realize that I was coming from a childish place. I wanted people to read my mind. I didn't want to have to exert myself to get what Iwanted.

Well welcome to the more mature suecostello.com! I'm will expose myself on a daily basis and if for some reason you read it the wrong way, I'll try to elaborate, but if for some reason we don't connect, it's OK too.  Live and let live !!  I love that saying , i just never realized I was only doing the second part. In order to live you got to be seen and you got to be seen over and over because most people are thinking about themselves.