Its Sat morning and I just woke up, Not sure what to write about today but as promised I'm going to do it anyway. OK as I was writing that I thought of something, that's how it works I guess. Yesterday I bumped into a guy that I know from the city. The last time I saw him we were standing on a corner and he got a text from his friend saying that one of his friends had been murdered in Boston. A few days ago my face book post said that I had a really nice night and I almost got murdered. Someone from LA posted jokilyng that I shouldn't date guys I meet on Craigslist. Well when i saw the guy yesterday he told me that the girl was one of the people murdered by the Craigs list killer. When I got home my friend had posted a comment to the LA guy that his comment was in poor taste because some of my friends knew the woman who was killed. I had no idea how connected I was to all of it.I'm sure if the guy from LA ever thought it through he never would have wanted to hurt anyone. It has just got me thinking about how much we joke to deflect the severity of the tragedy that goes on in the world but sometimes our own defense actually contributes to the tragedy, as opposed to healing it.  There is so much power in feeling your own humanity, feeling your feelings and being in you skin. Other wise we just push the shit around  dump it on to one another until we are all buried alive.