Last night, I met a guy who topped my eye patch story. I told him how I had to wear my eye patch to correct my lazy eye when I was little and how the kids used to whip acorns at me and he said said "oh my God I had a patch too!" The idea behind the patch is, it covers the good eye so the lazy eye will get strong but evidently they covered his good eye so long that it got lazy too. So, he then had to wear a patch on the other eye. He was telling me how it would get sweaty while playing sports and how they had to keep extras in the nurses office and we revealed in each others humiliation.  We are bonded for life. It just goes to further my belief that we are a product of our experiences and once shared with another human being rather than alienate us they  brings us closer together.  It reminded me of a time in high school when our Catholic ministry went to Walpole State Prison to visit the inmates. I was terrified, all I kept thinking was, "what could i possibly say to these men that could mean anything?" When I got there, I decided to just be honest. I told funny stories about how the kids made fun of me and when I was done they all came up to me and shook my hand and said things like "They used to call me meat head." This guy had huge muscles and I thought," he must have made his body so big that no one could ever make fun of the size of his head again." Then I thought "oh my God we are all the same, the only difference between me and him is that he took his rage further and murdered someone."  Here he was locked up for life trapped with the feeling of never wanting to be called meat head again. You can't re write your story but you can definitely make an amendment to it. Camou did it, he took the Myth of Sisyphus, which is a story about a man who kept pushing a boulder up the hill and every time he got to the top the boulder would roll back down on top of him. Camou's question was "was doesn't he just stop pushing the boulder?"