…for 365 days, eventually you will have a year's worth of it in your tank. I know we live in a culture where everyone wants everything yesterday and no one wants to do any work to get it. I mean, with human growth hormones and liposuction, plastic surgery, etc, everyone looks great and feels terrible. The only way to really feel good is to go inside. I don't care if I'm only person on earth who believes this or says it. You can tell me money will make you happy, you can tell me a person will make you happy but I'm telling you NOTHING outside of yourself can bring you true contentment.

My Dad used to tell me that hard work builds character. He's right, kinda. When you work hard on something that means something to you, it builds your character. When you work hard at something that depletes you as a human being, that only makes you angry. Fact.

Everyone knows it deep inside. Everyone knows the truth. We might do things to deceive ourselves or others but deep down we all know.

Think about a time when you did something that you didn't feel good about but seconds later you were already justifying it, and you alone were not strong enough to suppress the bad feelings, so you call 5 people you tell them your version of what happened and they prop you up. It only lasts as long as the phone call and the second you hang up, the truth pushes through and you have to call someone else.

I was afraid to go inside. I was afraid that I might find something I didn't like. I did, and the difference is that I thought I would go in and find that I am innately bad, but I found the opposite. I am innately good. The bad stuff was just behaviors that I had learned to survive because I couldn't tolerate the pure love.

Pretty is as Pretty does.