That's the aim for all yoga poses. To align your heart and your pelvis. I think that philosophy should be taken from the mat, out into the world and into our beds.  It seems if we could live in a world where we all worked to have our bodies work in direct correlation with what we were sending from our heart everyone would have better sex.  In our country there's either too much sex or not enough, but just imagine a world where we taught our kids the power of healthy sexuality. That their bodies are to be respected, that they decide what goes on with it, which means something different for everyone. We could teach them to go into their hearts, engage themselves  by seeing their own authenticity so they can  express it in a loving generous way. Which just made me think of something the instructor said today when he was talking about our hamstrings. He said we need to engage our quads in order for the hamstrings to feel supported so that they can completely let go?    Sexy huh?