…and I'm burnin up for your love. Just now had a second to sit down and write. I've been so busy. I performed Minus 32 Million Words on Nantucket and they LOVED it. I'm so excited, but most importantly I'm blown away by the fact that I'm doing this all by myself. I have no representation (except God) and I am re-building my career one step at a time with lots of love.

The main reason for this is that I have worked so hard to become a person who can be around people, a person who cares about people but doesn't take abuse.

I ask myself why would I have someone else handle me for me?

I am responsible for my own life, for living in the world exactly how God made me.

Lately so many people have been telling me how smart I am. They have told me that my whole adult life.

In high school they told me differently. Also, as a child, there were many adults who didn't want me to realize how smart I was because (a) I would see and understand their bad behavior and (b) I would not take care of them and their bad behavior if I did.

They squelched me, but really they didn't — I squelched me.

I took my own fiah and turned it on myself and burned down everything around me.

I would hear people say that I was smart in my adult life and I would go to bed.

The anger was unbearable. I would think, "they were wrong about me."

Now I go out into the world more with those words, "I am smart" and they give me the confidence to keep my fiah burning in a healthy way.

I'm proud to say that instead of smoldering in the dark I'm setting the world on fiah in a contained, concise, purposeful way.

LOVE IS MY FIAH and I love me first, then I can't help but love you.

Also, feel free to light your fiah off of mine — just don't try to take it all or we'll both burn to the ground!