That was the lesson for today in yoga. If you feel a sharp burning pain that means trouble and you should stop right away. But, if it's a slow dull pain you should work through it. As I was doing my warrior one I thought aint that the truth. The reason I go to yoga everyday is so that i can keep my body, which is the house to my soul, strong, open so that I am able to receive.   I love it, I love the fact that I can get in touch with what I am feeling through my body. Most of my life was spent projecting the crazytown from my head and my past into my future and never experiencing the present.  I used to do everything really fast because, I thought, if I didn't go fast it would all go away. But the truth is going fast is a form of self hatred which actually makes everything go away.  If you go slow you can hold on to yourself.  You can nurture things and see things and feel them; you can literally fly. I went surfing for the first time last summer and I did not like the little belt that you have to tie around your ankle. It made me feel trapped but I wore it. When I rode the first wave I was more exhilarated than I had ever been in my life and then of course, the wave crashed and my bikini filled with sand and I got water up my nose. But, my board was right by me, because it was attached to the belt around my leg, and because of that belt my board didn't hit me in the head and kill me. That was the only time I tried to surf that day. I wanted to walk around with that feeling of exhilaration all day and I did, I was so proud of myself that I had the courage to let go and not have to be the best surfer in the world which definitely could have ended up in a quick sharp pain.  The sand up my nose was just a slow dull pain so I plan to do it again this summer.