Just felt like sitting down and typing a few words of gratitude. My life is getting so busy and my success is growing and as it does so does my stress. I woke up this morning with a sore jaw. When I was younger, I had no awareness when it came to my body. I was so detached from it. Now, after years of yoga and therapy, I might not have stopped the stress and fear completely, but I have figured out how to recognize it. I know what it means: it means today I slow down, today I take care of myself. The amazing thing is that when I slowed down today, I felt overwhelming gratitude for myself. I felt like "wow I matter." I matter to myself. I care enough about myself to be kind to myself. It's so crazy to me. I would have let the fear chase me into being grumpy before, but instead I slowed down and found love.

Maybe that was what I was afraid of all along.