There once was a comedy show- the booker imed me sexual advances. I copied it and sent it to his boss. They BOTH called me on speaker phone and "apologized"  I told them if I lost work because I stuck up for myself I was going to sue them. Well, they called me to do a show when I was on the set of "The Fighter" they thought I couldn't do it because I was in Boston. They could then say "well we offered work she couldn't do it ." Well, I got on a plane the next day and flew to LA. As I walking into tape the show another girl said "Sue do u get weird sexual stuff from so and so?" I asked why? she said, "well i was booked to host a bunch of these shows and when I told him I wouldn't have sex with him he told me I was only doin one, now I  can't pay my rent."

I walked in, was met with tremendous hostility overcame it and performed. Then they cut all but one joke out of my set when it aired.

Now, firstly look at what girls deal with before they hit the stage and secondly, they cut me. Look at all that energy for one joke. Anyone have statistics on that?