I joined a program called "BookPals" funded by the SAG foundation. Simply put, we volunteer to go into the public schools and read to the classes. I did it this morning with a group of second graders and all I can say is that I haven't felt this good in while.

They were so cute and so smart and so filled with love.

I read them a book titled Pigcasso and Moosetise.

It was a story of the two artists and how even though they had differences they remained great friends and respected each other’s work.

They told me that they had been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and that they had seen a Jackson Pollack after I showed them a picture in the book by Pigcasso that reminded them of it.

They picked up on the cubism without my having to tell them. They told me that they next time that they went to the museum they were going to look for a Picasso.

When we were finished talking about the book I told the kids that I was comic.

They proceeded to whisper jokes into my ear and I would tell them to the class.

This one little girl with the most vulnerable eyes came up, whispered in my ear, and asked, "Why do are hearts love?"

She didn't have a punchline and I'm not sure if she wanted one.

Why do are hearts love? is a very funny question all by itself.

Maybe she felt the love from my laughter.