Ok it was dog and it was ten years ago lolololol. I shot my first T.V. pilot and there was scene where I went back to see my old high school nun, who had a dog. The joke was, that the dog was pervert and always sniffed my crotch. In order to get the dog to sniff my crotch the "handlers" had to rub hot dogs on my crotch the whole week during rehearsal.  I know, I know I have more self esteem now lol. Anyway, we had rehearsed for two days and on the third day I walked onto the set to a feeling that can only be described as if someone had died. The handler pulled me aside and said that I could not go near the dog until tape night, which was Friday, because he had fallen in love with me. Of course he did ,I am kinda cute. So, Friday night the dog not only sniffs my crotch but tries to violently rape me. I have to literally throw him off me. When I finally made it backstage the dog was waiting for me and he mounted me like party train. I couldn't help it ,I had to show the audience. They went wild, as I stood there with the dog's paws wrapped around my belly thinking J Lo gets a Bentley and I get f*cked in the ass by a basset hound.