I am telling you this yoga this is really something . I literally write about two things in the past couple of days. 1. my ego and 2 a dog. Well last night I am standing with Elle McPherson and Matt Dillon and this woman comes up with this look of recognition on her face and comes straight towards me! She's like I saw you on TV!!!!! So ego, puff puff............and then today, I go to mail something and there are two huge dogs tied to a pole beside the mailbox. I slowly approach, smile tell them that they are cute and mail my mail. I walk about 3 city blocks (which is far) and a woman grabs my arm frantically screaming "excuse me ! excuse me!" and I automatically think "not another fan" I stop and turn and the woman is like "Are those your dogs? Did you just leave them there tied to the pole like that because if you did I can't take it, I'm going to go back and save them!" I was like "UMMMMM no mam (koo koo) I was just smiling at them and making nice so they wouldn't rape me while I mailing my letter. Her whole face dropped and she ran. You show me koo koo and I'll match you and top you a crazy town.