Look at these pictures and tell me that these women do not look more beautiful in the before pictures. I watched "Housewives of Miami" last night and plastic surgery is becoming the norm. With all the plastic surgery, no one is going to look related in a few years. Women are trying to live in a world where what they are trying to attain is not even attainable.

Insides make your outsides shine — not the other way around. And I got a another hint: most guys don't care about plastic, they care about kindness.

Look up the reasons why most guys cheat: it's because they are getting something emotional, not sexual, outside the relationship.

And, and, and — they are photoshopping the young girls. They are targeting young people before they even have a second to blossom on the inside. I heard some twenty somethings talking about what it's like getting older the other day. Really? It will never end unless we start caring about more things on the inside.

I'm not saying you should not take care of yourself and look nice. I'm saying, stop letting these computers dictate an impossible standard for you.

If you're worried about making the outsides do something unnatural, your insides will never feel better.

Have you ever walked up to a cosmetics counter to buy moisturizer that you truly need and they give you a dig as soon as you walk up? "Oh your type of skin is oily, or mature skin, or if you don't watch it you might get such and such a skin." They set you up with fear right away so you will buy more. They give you the message that you are not OK.

These women look more than OK to me before.