So the election is over and more of the country voted for Obama than not. "Obama is the only President in over 65 yrs (since FDR) to win 2 terms with over 50% of the popular vote both times."

I've been really tryin to not get emotional during all this and pay attention to what people are saying.

The thing that sticks out the most is the money.

If the middle class is being eliminated, who's making this happen?

I saw so many posts from working class people saying, "Vote for Romney! Did anyone poor ever give you a job?"

And the so called 99%ers are defending against being demonized.

The other argument is that Obama is just hanging things out to people so they will vote for him.

With just this simple little analysis, I am seeing a trend. Even the workers who post about Rich people giving them jobs are looking for some sort of hand out.

The 99%ers argue that they work harder — which they do in a way because they have set out to make it on their own but I can attest to the fact that it is much more complicated than that. Ask any cleaning lady how hard they work.

Shame of being poor plays a huge part in all of this, as does some idea among the wealthy that there is not enough.

People use money as a way to feel safe.

I know money makes things easier but I watched a documentary about these people in a village in a third world country the other night and they were very happy because they relied on each other for support.

The reality is, no one can really take care of another person. Even if you give them money or a job, it's up to them to handle it responsibly.

The ol’ "give a man a fish he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime" seems to have drowned somewhere along the way.

How is anyone going to help another when they are so scared that there will never be enough. The silliness of that thinking sets up the person thinking it to never have enough.

Maybe the so called "hand outs" should be used to empower people. Even the rich people giving jobs to the less rich.

But that would mean that the haves would have to feel less fear; it would mean that the "haves" would really want to empower the "have nots."

Also the "have nots" would have to really do something.

I feel like this is similar to the Prescription Medication problem we have in this county.

We are supposed to feel and we are supposed to feel bad. You cannot know the good without feeling the bad.

And lastly, why in this country of everything, are people more depressed than any other country in the world?

I have an idea, because nothing will ever be enough. The only thing that is going to help is humanity.

If you pride yourself in being selfish I have a hint: the only way you will satiate the feeling you are chasing by being selfish is to help another person, and by help I mean empower them.