I promise I will tell the Murphy Brown story, but first, I have to blog about my night, because my friend asked me to. So, last night I went to my V's restaurant to hang out. It was a gorgeous night in the meat packing district. We sat at a table that was half inside half outside. As we looked out at all the people walking I was surprised by a view of this stunning guy. He was a new waiter at the restaurant I was almost embarrassed by the energy I sent hiand he sent me.  It wasn't planned, it just happened.  I said "V where did he come from?" She was like "isn't he hot? he's an ex boxer." Nuff said, he and I started talking about boxing and I told him I boxed for two years, which he found very funny since I'm so tiny. I showed him my favorite move and he said "no, its done like this."  I mean it was like art. I'm fascinated with boxing. The way they can make a small move and be so powerful. I love it, it's actually the way life should be led. Minimum effort with maximum results. Then, it was time to leave:( we said our good byes and went to meet V's boyfriend and his friends at the Soho House, which is a private club where you have to be a member to enter. As we were sitting on the roof, by the pool, overlooking New York City with all the fabulous people, V told her boyfriend how I was boxing with the waiter. He thought it was so funny and at one point I asked "why?' and gave a gang symbol. He was like "Sue that was so real I almost believed you."  I said "yeah, that's cause I'm from the streets." He said "oh yeah right." And V was like "she is." He asked, "where?" I said," Dorchester."  He responded "oh yeah you are, I never would have thought that." I said "I know people ask me if I was the prom queen in high school and I'm like Prom Queen? I'm lucky I still have my teeth."  I told him how last week I was given the opportunity to go back to my tough roots and how much fun it was. I said it almost bordered on sexual for me."  Then it hit me, there is a fine line between f*ckIng and fighting. With both, it doesn't matter how smal you arel... as long as you're powerful.