Now I'm really starting to freak out!!! I'm not one to blog twice a day, but I just got home and I had to!! OK so I say earlier that I'm kinda manifesting stuff starting with dog and ego. Well, the other story I was supposed to tell you guys was the one where I farted on Pat Finn which, I will tell, tomorrow. But for now, I farted on him the day I got kicked off Murphy Brown. I was supposed to be on the show for 13 episodes and I never even made it to the first taping because Candace threw me off and really screwed me because I had turned down another show to do MurphyBrown. So, tonight, my friend and I are walking down Madison avenue after a total New York City night, ending with tea and a cupcake at Crumbs while Sinatra's "My Way" played on the cd, and we walk by a couple having dinner outside. I don't notice the couple, I only notice the dog. I really never thought I was a dog person, but I guess I kinda am, cause I LOVE DOOTLE DOGS!!! The couple had one tied to their chair so I say "is that a doodle dog and can I pet it?" and the woman says "sure" all friendly. and all of a sudden, it hits me it's Candance Bergen. And I say "Oh Candace! Hi it's me Sue Costello" and she says, "Oh hi Sue and buries her face in her napkin. My friend and I can barely contain ourselves and we try to hold in our laughter. There really is a God. Here I was being all cute and nice to her dog and she has to just feel it, feel how she treated me. I didn't have to say a word. All I had to do was be my snuggle bunny self.  That's how it seems to work for me these days. People can try to be as mean as they like to me but as long as  I don't stoop to it in the moment , sometime in the future God will give me the perfect opportunity to let them feel it all on their own:)