I have been talking about the middle class feeling disenfranchised since 1998. Colin Quinn was quoting my show Costello the other night - verbatim. 20 years later. I did the best I could as a young woman with so much pressure and so much sexism. I did great. They would have had me go to the rich guy’s house but instead I brought him to mine and showed how much it provoked. The "suits” didn't get that I was not trying to be better because that is what they do. Ha! I was writing about them and they let me on TV! I got another show for them and this time I AM WICKED CLEAR. This is so deep. I wrote a show about them oppressing us 20 years ago and they let me on TV but I let them sway me a little but still got there. This is what the whole brand #IamSueCostello is about. How we need each other and we can’t dispose of one without hurting ourselves. I need the corporations to get exposure and they need the middle to buy their products. DAMN they told me back then that I couldn't be pretty, funny and smart.  Sexism is still alive and well but guess what — I ain’t playin anymore. This is part 1 of 3 "Sue Dates a Freakin Dentist.”