It has come to my attention that some of my comrades are shooting a cover for Vanity Fair, shot by the acclaimed photog, Annie Leibowitz. Sounds exciting right? Wow, funny women on the cover of Vanity Fair! Could it be true? Could the nation finally be coming around to the fact that woman are funny? That was my first reaction and then that quickly turned to sadness. Chelsea, Tina, Wanda, Sarah, Amy and a few more are doing a full on spread making fun of the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lindsey Lohan, Britney, Pam Anderson, and Naomi Campbell. All talented and very troubled. There was an article in the New York Times a few weeks ago about how the paparazzi chase women and leave the guys alone.  Now the girls are doing it to each other.  I mean Wanda is hilarious, Sarah has managed to bust through the male dominated Comedy central and Tina and Amy are the new Adam Sandler and the boys, Chelsea is doing what they said could never be done, a woman in late night. And somehow someone has wrangled them all together to take other woman down. And they even got a woman to shoot it.  I know it's enticing Vanity Fair is prestigious mag and everyone needs publicity right? But why when these woman are so awesome does it have to be only if they are taking other woman down?  It's a cheap shot, I mean Britney could die, Amy Winehouse the same, then who will be laughing? It's not a fair fight when you kick someone when their down. We've all been billuied at some point. I know how hard it is in this business to have integrity but it s' when you have the power that you can exert it the most.  Billy Jean King Fought with her life to get woman equal pay and there was one guy who opposed her every step of the way. She held her dignity. Even when a different guy chastised her trying to get her to play him she said no, because she knew it would demean her and all that she was trying to do.And then, one of her European colleague's said she was going to play him, she didn't put her down publicly she just told her not to loose. And guess what? she did loose, so what did Billy Jean King do? she still didn't talk shit, she stepped up and played him. She walked on the court and realized that the event was going to gross a tremendous amount of money. Then she saw that the guy who vehemently opposed her back in the day was one of the commentators. She put two and two together; without her they had no match and without the match they had no money. So she firmly used her leverage and said either he goes or I'm not playing. And the announcer was removed. She wasn't a bitch. She was a strong, confident woman who held on to herself and  knew exactly when she had the power to say no.  I think you can be loving and funny at the same time.but there can be no love without integrity. And believe it or not, I think you can stand up for yourself without taking others down. You can take up space and leave space for others as well. Even in Hollywood, let me rephrase that, especially in Hollywood.