Ok, so , Yesterday was close to a perfect day. I woke up, Bogged and then went to hot yoga. I love it!!!  It makes my body feel so amazing. Who knew such a little body could sweat so much?  There's something about being in that hot room with the sweat pouring out of you, that is so spiritual. In a regular yoga class you sweat, but not like this. It's more freeing to just go, knowing that there's no controlling it. As soon as I walk into the room I let go of everything. I lie on that mat and let it all wash over me. So, that sets up my day. I come home, take a shower and all of a sudden the weather changes and it's sunny and breezy out. I meet my friend for lunch on Madison Avenue. We sit outside and people watch. Then we go for a walk around the reservoir. One of these days I'm going to take a picture and post it. I'm sure I won't be able to capture all of  it's peaceful beauty, but it will give  you an idea.  As we are walking, I remind my friend that I have been looking for a pair of white jeans. I say "lets go look today." And wholah!! we find them . PERFECT!! They are the perfect length and and fit my butt excellently.  After that, I go home again change,(put on my new killer white jeans)  and meet a bunch of other girlfriends for dinner. A few that I haven't seen in a while and a few that I see all the time. They all loved my new haircut. (the guy really did do a good job) One of them was so different, confident and lovely and peaceful and  another one looked so sexy and alive. I asked what's new? and she said" I'm moving to Africa". She dumped her no good boyfriend and is moving to Africa to open a wild life preserve. "She's like Sue you have to come visit." UMM, yeah I do.

I leave the girls, with lots of hugs and love and head off to work. I walk in and the club is packed. For some reason it felt like there were a lot more men than usual in the room. And normally, I try to dress down a little on stage because it just feels more comfortable, but tonight I looked a little more sexy than I like to. My hair was down and had on the white jeans. Then, on top of everything, the guy in front of me was filthy. Filthy in a way that's not necessarily funny but depleting. Meaning, he just sucks the life out of the crowd with  inappropriate filthy un funny words. I'm standing in the back thinking, oh gross, now they are all going to be in that mindset and I have to go up there. Well, I have no choice, I go up and begin. There are two couples in the front row and the guys are hot. I can feel them staring at me in a not so "she's funny" way, but more a more lusting way. It ALWAYS makes me uncomfortable but I chug along. The eventually laugh and and lust together. At one point, I ask what they do for a living. They were firefighters from Florida.  So I say "oh you look more East Coast" which makes the audience scream laughing. Because evidently Florida is on the East Coast. LOL This went on for a good 5 minutes. I was trying to figure out if they were f*cking with me or not and then finally a guy yells out "you mean North East Coast." Yes that's what I meant. LOL. I was like "this isn't even real blonde hair" They LOVED it. Something about my humanity and vulnerability made me not so much this girl  (object)on stage, above everybody, but someone who struggles just like them. It really says something about humanity. They all wanted to help me so badly, they didn't make fun of me. When I walked off stage, there were two girls waiting for me. They were 11 and they were from Georgia. They were like "Sue, OK, everything on the east is the east coast and everything on the west is the west coast." Lol They were like "we just wanted to help you so it doesn't happen again." SO CUTE!  I never would have let that happen years ago. I never would have been that free, so that I could even make a mistake. I would remain an object thinking; sure they only like me if I'm weak. Then I would be mad because people treated me like an object! Crazytown.

As I'm leaving the club, the firefighters and their wives asked if I wanted to go back to their hotel with them.:) I guess lusting and laughing is the perfect combination and the thing that breaks all barriers.  OK, so I get home and my phone rings. It's this guy I used to date. He called just to see how I was, how I was feeling and how my career was going.  Isn't that nice? You can just be going about your life and someone cares to check n on you. He says, "I can tell you've been spending time in Boston because your accent is thicker." I responded "yes I've spending alot of time on the North East Coast a lot lately."