The catholic church has taken out an amendment to the 7 original deadly sins.  It is now a sin  for a Catholic to become wealthy.  My Dad used to tell me that the chance of a rich man getting into heaven is the same as a camel getting through the eye of a needle. My dad would say that because he was unable to support his family because of all the immoral things he was doing on the side. As an adult i consciously know that this is ridiculous, but unfortunately it's taking some time for it to get into my subconscious. I still believe deep down that if i am rich i will burn in hell. One of the tools I am using to over come this fear is education. One day i decided to google "why do catholics eat fish on Friday?" And what i got back was a little story about the Italian mafia and the pope. It turns out the fishing industry was having a rough go of it so they went to the Pope. The Pope fixed their problem immediately by declaring all Catholics eat fish on Fridays. I could not believe that it was right there for everyone to see. All i could think was why don't people question things more. And then it hit, me because if you question things you have to question yourself. So what the hell? eat fish on Friday so you feel like a good person then beat your kids on Saturday. As long as there is no money being made you will be on the fast lane to heaven.