Costello is Irish, not Italian! It's from the Spanish invasion, half went to Italy and half went to Ireland. And I know, it breaks the vowel rule. I have all the Irishness to prove it, from the alabaster skin, to the great gift of story telling.  As far as my love of alcohol goes, it's just a memory for me. This morning i woke up remembering how drunk i used to get on St Patrick's day. As teenager we would get someone to "run" for us on Sat night and then hide the beer in someones basement. I would be up and out by  9:00am and drunk by 11:00 and making out with Micheal Gannon by 4:00pm. Today I'm happy to report that today I didn't need the alcohol to get me up and i definitely dont need it to make out!!!!!!!!!!! If only Michael Gannon were here!