WHY WHY WHY???? Do these woman go out in public and support their men when their men just humiliated them??? WHY??? I can only guess that they have some vested interest in the whole scam. They must have been playing a long. They must be covering their own ass in the moment. I sit here in awe watching Spitzer's wife stand there like a lithium laced doll staring into space. I mean they did meet at Harvard Law School right?? So they both have the same degrees right??? So it must be the fact that he got  caught and she knows the repercussions.  When a guy is cheating you know. Even if you don't know, you know.  You enable that behavior for years that you'r e only insinct is to keep going. But WHY does she have to stand at that podium with him?  Society teaches us that we are not supposed to be the scorned woman. My boyfriend moved out on me after eight years and told everyone he was taking care of me while still trying to take money from me.  I was expressing my anger to my southern my friend  and she was like "Sue your acting like a scorned woman." And i was like "I AM A SCORNED WOMAN." she was going through her second divorce at the time.  Look at McGreevy's wife. She is more mad that she stood at that podium with him than the fact that he is gay. What's wrong with a girl getting mad? I actually have a picture on my refrigerator from the press conference of that senator who got busted in the airport. It's him looking solemn and his wife looking up at him like she needs to take a poop. She probably did, but girls aren't supposed to poop either, it's not lady-like.  I mean hold in all that anger and you will be constipated. I understand that marriages can sustain infedelity but c'mon girls, have some self respect, stop enabling them, make them sweat it out all by themselves. That is more attractive that anything. You know what they say, "don't become your boyfriends mother because then he has to find a girlfriend. I'd love to hear your thoughts as to why you think these women are still acting like Patsy Klein??