was on the train and this autistic girl kept trying to say hi to everyone, but no one would make eye contact. So, when she was exiting, she said "Bye" to me and I looked her right in the eye and said "bye, have a nice day" and her whole face lit up!!!!

That was my facebook post on Tues. I put it up there, purely because the girl was so cute and  she made me smile. I got over 30 comments on that post. That's the most I've gotten. From people across the country.

Two, from Hyde Park Ma. A  guy I know, posted that " he doesn't understand where we all went wrong; autistic or not, people could say hello." And a girl I went to high school said," if people smiled at the girl it would not take a lot and they would realize that it would make them feel better. "

A guy from South Boston said " Good for you! see Sue, that's your character!" Which at first, I didn't get. But my friend explained that he meant, that's who I am at my core. And I guess it's true, because not in a million years did I think that people would be writing "good for you Sue" it's just what I do and to be honest, my friend form Hyde Park was right, it made me feel great.

Another girl wrote  that she has a severely autistic brother and knows how those kind of social shuns affect him.  She said, "thank you Sue for not being another face in the crowd." Another guy from California said "Sue you made her smile and in turn it must have made you smile."

It's true, but the smile was a by product, so were the comments. I had no intentions, I just did what was in my gut, both by saying "bye" and by posting it, but look at the response. I got to see how many people out there were moved but that little story. Which in turn made my faith in human kind even deeper. But you see, I had to be the one to do it. I can't wait for the world to see the little girl for me to feel better about who we are as people. I had to do it.  That's the thing, sometimes you just have use you character to be seen in the world, without caring about results. It's funny, because that's when the results come.

If you seek a smile, if you don't get it, it may turn into a frown; but if you seek to give, the smile may spontaneously come.

So, I ask you does a smile come from inside or outside?

I signed on to my myspace account that night and I got the message below from some random guy who never saw the post.

"wow what a gorgeous smile simply stunning!"
Makes you think, huh?