Okay, I don't have much time but wanted to write a little gratitude. I'm here in Boston.  We got here around one and I have to admit, I'm a terrible back seat driver. There I said it, well, actually, I'm a terrible front seat  driver too, but my friend drove this time. We had a fun filled Boston day. Went to the BU bookstore got some goodies, then to Anna's Tacoria for lunch, with a stop at Fedex for some business, then some cupcakes at Party Time.

Now I"m hear at the hotel in kick ass room with a gorgeous view!!! It  was overwhelming pulling in.The enitre staff was like "Hi Ms. Costello welcome back."  When I go tto my room, there was wine and cheese and note wishing me well. It makes me blush, all the kindness. I"m very grateful for all of it.

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