When i was in Boston is was David Allen Buchane from 106.7 He had the sweetest sexiest voice. I would joke that I was going to bed with my boyfriend. But as I mature  i realize i need more than a voice i need to be stimulated visually as well. So i have graduated to Charlie Rose. I am head over heels, hopelessly in love with him.  I have swooned at him from across the restaurant Fred's at Barneys.  He sits by himself with all his crinkled papers and messy hair and think my how I've changed. I used to only get turned on by tough guys and now here I am weak in the knee's for a guy who looks like the human version of the character "pig pen."  He's so smart and confident and assertive and and and and........................ he doesn't even need a set, he just sits there across from his guests in the dark. He knows everything............ I think I'm in love with his job as well. He gets paid to sit across from the most interesting people in the world. I'm not sure what moved me to write about him today. There was just something about him last night that made me wake up thinking "he's hot!" OOh i remember, maybe it's the fact that he has a black eye. There's something bad ass about him now!!! lololol  You can take the girl out of Dorchester but you can't take the Dorchester out of the girl. If you're around tonight at 6:30 please come see Minus 32 Million words!!! You won't regret it!!