For those of you who don't understand how a company like Bear Sterns could collapse over a weekend and it not affect the economy let me simplify it for you, fancy welfare. The Federal government comes in and saves them so it doesn't affect the entire economic flow. They do it all the time with these big hedge funds. But how do these companies get in this position to begin with??? The gamble and take huge risks and fail, and we the people have to pay for their reckless behavior. Isn't that exactly what happens with welfare? The only difference is is that those guys on wall street represent America in a a good way and welfare represents America in more distasteful way. So in order to save face JP Moragn comes in and capitalizes on the fall of the company. The stock was worth $30 at the close of business on Fri and sold  to JP Morgan for $2 a share on Mon. Because, if the company went into bankruptsy the world economic structure would be rattled.  It's already rattled people it's jsut another band aid. Now JP morgan will move into a building that is worth the equivalent of $6 dollars a share.  I am just floored by the similarities that are going on between the rich and the poor in our nation yet is seems that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer.  The whole mortgage scam is causing poor people across the country to loose their houses. They took a risk but no-one is coming in to save them. Then you have Macklowe who is having the same problems. Here is this real estate mogul who owns some of the most expensive real estate in the city. His pride and joy is the building on 57th and 5th. This guy was so sly in negotiating that deal that he even negotiated some of the profits from the mac store below. But, he personally signed a loan for millions of dollars thinking full well that he would be able to re finance but unfortunately because of the mortgage problems he can't, so he's being forced to sell his pride and joy. Did I mention that this guy went through Manhattan years ago in the middle of the night and knocked down a bunch of welfare hotels without permits.  Maybe there is hope maybe this is natures way of making things right. Maybe when the rich start being affected things will change. It's like the world is bottoming out. Everybody is exhausted by the status quo maybe we need a moral shake up and subconsciously the guys at Bear Sterns are paving the way.  Maybe it does need to get ugly in order for things to change. Someone better send Jaime Diamond a memo. Hell is freezing over.