My facebook status last night, before my show, was 'Sue is luxuriating in the hotel" and this guy from New York commented "if they could see you now!" and my friend from Highschool wrote" we are going to see her now." I don't know if I can write the words to express how funny and deep that is. This guy I guess, thought that a hotel room somehow separated me from my past, almost impying that it elevated me in some way. He didn't even think about the fact that I have around 1,900 friends and that they would all see his comment. And my jennifer got him good with that little sentence. I love it!!

Well, come see me they did.  Even my fathers 74 year old cousins:) A whole table of them What a night.  The first act started messing with them, at it was funny at first, but he took it a little too far. I was back stage with DIck Doherty. I told Dick that they were my family and he proceeded to go on stage and be so sexual with them that the room was so uncomfortable when I got up. He even told my family how sexy I am. WEIRD.

I said to my friend before I got on stage "is this ever going to get easy?" and proceeded to kill. I eased the tension and discomfort and everybody laughed and laughed and laughed. Including myself.

I have managed to take my role in my family, which was to make anyone and everyone laugh no matter how uncomfortable the situation. I said to my dad's cousins "I can't believe Dick told you guys that I am sexy, you don't care." and they were like "yes we do Sue, you are sexy and that makes us sexy, because we are related to you. We all have the same genes. LOL

I gave the family hugs and moved on to the table of fans from the radio interview I did. They were so cute!! We took pictures with thier cell phone cameras and they friended me on facebook before they even got home.

Next I moved on to the table of high school friends. God did we laugh telling stories about highshcool. They told me stories that I didnt even remember. I guess I was quite the charmer in highschool, because evidently, I got us all out of alot of trouble.

I said goodbye to the girls and go to dinner. We decided that steak was in order. I was at a party in NYC on Weds night with some people from Boston and they told me about this place on Boylston st  called Abe and Louies. So me and Nance mosied on over there. Well, it was late and the place was empty so we got to have our own little private dinner. And it was delish. Nancy's foot hurt so we had to take a cab. When the guy pulled over, he asked where we were going and I said Braintree. Then I said, "no the hotel around the corner."  The whole ride he was like I had that $60 bucks from that ride to Braintree already in my bucket. and i was like "really you carry your money in a bucket?" and he laughed his ass off.

He dropped us off an sleepytime ensued. As I was falling to sleep I was thinking "yeah they did come to see me and I saw them and there is not hotel in the world that could separate me from who I am and the life I've lived.

Now, I'm lying her blogging, drinking coffee, about to read the New York times with my fabulous views the one outside my window and the one in my heart with memories of a lovely night.