Thurdays night, I walked into a restaurant and one of the waiters came right up to me. I asked if I could sit at the table outside, he told me that I would have to wait for the host. The host came over, the waiter asked, and the host said "sure, the people have just paid their check, you can go stand over them so they will leave. "

Mind you, the waiter was all flirty flirt, telling me he liked my hair blah, blah.

So, I'm outside and my friend is in the bathroom. The waiter comes out and says that the host made a mistake, that there are only open tables in his section.

I know full well what he is doing, but I go along ,becuase the girls at the table I wanted were taking forever.

We sit, the waiter is all flirty, flirty, telling me that he just wants to get all the other people out so we can be alone. I notice he has a wedding ring on.

The little girl at the next table saw my open toe shoes and like my polish,so she playfully tickled my toes.

The waiter walked by and said, "note to self, she likes he toes tickled."

I told my friend that he was brodering on creepy. He was gorgeous btw, so he prob gets away with more than average looking guys.

Anyway, all of a sudden, he says to my friend, "she's a comedian huh?"  Then he looks at me and asks if I'm still boxing. Which at this point makes me want to run for the hills.

He starts in with little tid bits about me that normally only a guy that I dated would know. I ask him how he knows me and he says "i'm not telling ,I like to hold information back when it comes to women."

At that point I knew it was time for the check.  He sensed I was having none of it and tried to recover. He said I know you from 4 years ago I told my friend how cute I thought you were and "you still are, you look great, not  a bit different. When you walked in I remebered that you have a great personality".

You see in the past I might have fallen for that withholding stuff. I might have chased a bit, but now my first instict  is self preservation. What a sick way to try to connect. He liked me 4 years ago and obvioulsy didnt have the guts to talk to me, he jsut looked at me from afar, gathering information, becuase I don't remember him. It made me think of another time, when this guy came up to me and told me that I look pale and in the next breathe asked me if I wanted to go to Miami with him.

I said, "you just insulted me, why would I even want to spend another second with you?" He said, "oh that's how I do it, I tell you that you look pale then you will want to go to Miami with me to get a tan."

I responded "save that for someone with no self -esteem."

It's kills me, they want to be around me, so they think if they withhold and insult me, that  it will bring me closer;but the reality is, it repels me and  they actually  end up witholding from themselves, because they don't get to be around me, which is what they wanted to begin with.

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