I met Laurence Fishburne back in 1998. My sitcom had just gotten canceled and I was kinda stressed. I had conjunctivitis, let's just say that I looked like the cat lady here in NYC.

So, I get a call to meet this casting director. "A general" its called. Usually that means you go and meet the casting person so they can keep you in mind for future rolls. Normally this is done in a fancy office.

I tell a few people that I have to meet this person and they are like "sue she's big time omg, sometimes she makes you wait" but I was so depressed about my show, that  it didn't even really register, plus I wasn't doing anything else.

So, I go downtown and walk up to the building with address that I was given. It's a crickity old building and in my stomach I feel that something is wrong.

I get on the elevator and get off on the designated floor. I walk up to the door and there is a sign that says "Riff Raff Productions." Again, I feel like I"m in the wrong place, but I proceed anyway. Cat eyes and all.

I walk into the waiting area and every single person is black. There is a pause and they all look up at me. Being  the doofus that I am, I blurt out "oh I'm in the wrong place" and turn and run.

I get half way down the hall and realize that I was in the right place and now I have to walk back in, looking like a judgemental racist.

So, I decided the move was, to not say anything  else controversial, that I will just  try to blend in. They are all talking about the film, I have no idea what they are talking about, but don't want to ruffle anymore feathers, so I just go along "oh yeah the film, blah blah"

All of a sudden, this white guy, Billy, comes walking out and says "hi Sue I knew you were coming in." This guy Billy is one of my ex's best friends, and ex that I dumped, so again, I don't want to get into anything deep for fear that he might bring up the break up.

He says, "I'm the second AD on the film" and again I say, "oh the film."  He brings me into his office shows me around, (you would think I would ask one person what the film is, but no)

I go back to the waiting area and another woman comes out and says, Sue we need to take a Polaroid of you. Ok at this point, any normal human being would ask a question, but not me, I just walk up with my cat eyes and let her take my picture.

She exits, and I sit again. Finally she comes out and says Bonnie will see you now, she's in there with Larry but she wants to see you."

I automatically think "Oh Larry must be the head of the agency." I walk into this tiny room and there is Laurence Fishburne sitting on the window sill and the casting director is standing behind the desk.

I immediately think, sue pull it together. I sit down and the casting director is like "this is Sue, she is very funny, and very talented." And again the doofus that I am, with my conjunctivitis, I get cocky, I start telling him how I tried to do some important and socially relevant with my sit com.

We are staring into each others eyes now and the casting director says, Laurence, let's put sue in your movie." I can't contain myself. I blurt out "yeah let's put me in your movie!" Mind you, I still have no idea what the friggin movie is.

He says "there are no female parts." She says "let's make her the cop."  I say yeah let's make me the cop. Now I have completely forgotten about my tv tragedy because now I am going to be a movie star. He says "yeah lets go"  he gets the script, I cold read, 3 times with him, in front of one of the biggest casting directors in Hollywood and.........................