So........ I finish the audition and Laurence says "you got the part!"  I literally turn on my heels and run. The Irish Catholic in me said, get out quick before they take it away. But on my way out Imake the assistant pinch me, just to make sure I'm not dreaming. Now, I forgot to mention that I had another appointment scheduled after this one and now I was supposed to be uptown in like 15 minutes.

Okay, so I go downstairs, call my agent and tell him I got the part. He says "but there are no female parts." I respond, "I know, they made me the cop." I hang up and run to get a cab.

Now I'm standing in the street wrestling with two feelings, one being OMFG I'm a movie star and the other one being, get outta here quick before they take it away.

All of a sudden, I hear "SUE!" it's a mans voice and I'm afraid to turn, my first thought was, here it is, they're coming to tell me that they made a mistake.

I turn around and squint through my conjunctivitis and see that it's Laurence and his friend. He  yells "where are you going?" Now I'm thinking OMG he wants to give me a ride, but I have to go uptown and he's a downtown guy, I'm supposed to be at 57th street in like 10 minutes now. But I want the ride so I blurt out "34th street!" He says, "c'mon I'll give you a ride."

Now I'm in the back seat of Laurence Fishburnes car FREAKING OUT. I'm sticking my head against the glass so everybody sees me. And I can't just sit there and be cool, I have to open my mouth again.

He has music playing, it's Brandford Marsalis. I stick my head between the two seats and say "this music is sad but hopeful" I'm laughing at myself as I write this. He turns around, with his sunglasses on and says, "two things happened to day that made me think that my movie is going to be a succes,  this music and you."

At this point I have literally left my body. We pull up to 34th street and I realize that i have to get out. Now, I have about 4 minutes to get to  57th street. I run around the corner, jump in a cab and next thing I know the cab is right beside Laurence's car. I had to lie down in the back seat so he didn't see me; I didn' t want him to think I was Crazy.

The first day on the set, I tell him the story. I say, "I thought you were a downtown guy so I said 34th street but I really had to go to 57th street, and my cab pulled up beside your car so I lied down so you wouldn't think I was crazy." He laughed so hard. He said , "Sue I already thought you were crazy, and I was staying in a hotel on 59th street......

to be continued......................

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